Monday, January 2, 2012

A Barbarian Slave Butchered Hideously in the Villas

This is Chronicler Olinda, reporting to you from the noble’s district in the city of Tarantia in Aquilonia, where local guards have reported a gruesomely bloody murder on the grounds of the Villa Amiel. A female barbarian, collared and presumably a slave of sorts, entered the villa nearly naked, wielding a sword and wearing little more than a pair of Nemedian-styled beeches. Not surprisingly, she was easily killed in a blood-soaked sword fight by the mercenaries guarding the villa and its grounds.

Stripped to her Nemedian short briefs, making her way into the villa

Engaging a female mercenary in the halls

Blows are traded as her blade rings off a shield

The beginning of the end: a sudden slash across her breasts

Her left breast explodes, mutilated under the return stroke

Legs apart in a defensive stance, Kiri leaves her genitals open to the finishing blow

A horribly painful wound, the blood spurts in streams

Crumpling under the pain and blood loss...

The noble mercenary's boot came down on her breasts, pinning her helpless

In a split second the blade is in her belly

...cutting down and deep into the front of her pants, toward the crotch

DEFEATED! A bloody, ignoble end for the Brythunian slut

Leaving a lovely corpse in the villa on the blood-splattered tiles

The latest of countless gruesome ends for this fighting slave

Thighs spread under the indifferent watch of her conqueror

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