Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stripped in Stygia- A firsthand account

Whereupon Kiri is accosted by soldiery of Stygia as result of overt, lewd presentation of her body...

"So, we know you've been whoring yourself in the Souk, you barbarian cunt! Admit it!"

"B-but Mistress..Kiri has nothing to hide!" "Then prove it, and strip to your undergarments at once!"

"Strip here in the streets, Mistress?" "You heard me you gold-haired cunt!"

“Will you strip now, as commanded, or shall I order my men to tear your clothing from your body?”

“Oh! Kiri shall strip before all-powerful Mistress. She will do this eagerly!”

"I swear you're enjoying this, my pretty...that's a good slave, just like an inferior northerner. Haha!"

"That's good, barbarian whore. You obey well! Now the halter."

“Little Kiri knows her place, Mistress. She must obey those stronger than her, especially mighty Stygians…”

"Oh my, that's a nice set of teats. They'll take well to the torturer's hooks and hot irons!"
"Alright...pull down that skirt!"

"What indecent garb you parade about in the Holy City in would dare? What else could these be but barbarian slave and whore's clothing? You'll be put to torture immediately for this!"
 "Nemedian undergarments, how barbaric...So you enjoy wearing them? Get used to wearing them and only them, slave! You'll be run through the Souk before whips, thusly clad, all the way to the palace torture chamber!"
“Little Kiri thanks Mistress! It’s a privilege for her to suffer at the hands of Stygians, clad only in her favorite bottoms.”
" want to be tortured, do you barbarian slut?"
"Yes Mistress, Kiri begs to be tortured...she prays her suffering shall be worthy even of almighty Set!"
“Filth! You present like a baboon in heat…but how refreshing to have a slave go so willingly to the torture rack. So shall it be! I shall enjoy your helpless screams.”

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Misadventures and Exploitations of Kiri

Wherein Nemedian chroniclers have recorded the Brythunian-Æsir barbarian she-slave known as Kiri in many corners of Hyboria.

Bravely facing the fangs of Cimmeria's beasts and winter in her slave's garb

Risking charges of whoring herself in the Souk on Akhet Isle

Stopped by guards at Bubshur who insist on a full strip-search; a cheap thrill for this barbarian slave!

Endless tracts of sand on the way to Khitai

Stealing about inside Tarantia

Barbarian she-slave of the north

Kiri would frequently spur her mount to greater efforts with secluded barnyard trysts...

Stalking underclad the desert badlands of Turan

Come on in, the water's fine here

Fording waterways in deep Cimmera

Monday, December 5, 2011

Regarding the Nemedian Chronicles on Kiri

Kiri: Barbarian she-slave

 We recently took the time to sit down with genuine Nemedian chroniclers to learn what they had on Kiri; with their usual diligence and attention to detail, it turns out they had quite a bit!

So who is Kiri exactly, and where is she from?

Well, Kiri was born in far northern Aquilonia, somewhere close to Cimmeria and the Nemedian Border Ranges, known on the last Aquilonian census as Kirei by a scribe’s error. She was birthed by a Brythunian woman who was the slave a of warrior that was at the very least Æsir in heritage, one among a number of women on his slave chain. Born into this dirty and miserable hovel of a slavepen, it meant Kiri was born a slave, a condition that been her lot for nearly all her adult life.

The young girls on the slave chain were subjected to regular beatings and whipping, forced to brutally hard labor until they came of age, at which point they were also initiated as sex slaves. At the command of he who owned them, Kiri’s initiation to her sexuality was a vicious gang rape by the adult women of her slave chain once her body was matured. Born and raised malnourished, Kiri’s is a physique gaunt and bony, noted for her extreme physical weakness, but it’s rumored that dark forces also conspired to give Kiri her feebleness.

Traversing foulest wildlands clad only in her Nemedian bottoms

Had she been brought up properly, Kiri’s skill with blades and bows would have made her a fine warrior. Instead, her condition lead her to rely on her quickness and agility, as her nearly nonexistent strength is often outmatched by even the weakest opponents she has faced. As even light armor significantly encumbers Kiri, she’s come to use a half-naked fighting style to outmaneuver opponents, but even with this, she’s resigned to the fact that she will face defeat by most she faces.

Kiri has been clever enough to earn coin with this disadvantage by working as an arena jobber; that is, a warrior not paid to fight and win but to fight and lose. Facing defeat each time, often brutal and humiliating defeat. The abilities bestowed her by the forces deciding her fate means she has survived even mortal wounds in the arena, making her a crowd favorite for the ghastly and bloody wounds she’s suffered. Coupled with fervent streaks of masochism and exhibitionism that’s only been increased over time has resulted in a fighting slave that thoroughly enjoys the pain and brutality subjected against her far more than the reward of any coin.

The horrors of suffering and torture in Hyboria
 Now 36 years of age and gone through a large part of a lifetime of torment and agony, totally accepting of her horrifying destiny, Kiri’s entire existence is for her humiliation and suffering, and whatever choices and places deliver her to that torment, preferably chained and absolutely helpless.

But there’s more to her background than just this?

Oh yes. In fact, Kiri is the hapless subject of an obscure prophecy between northern, barbarian goddesses, supposedly made in prehistoric time that has doomed her to an eternity of pain and torment. We will discuss the details of this at another time as we expose them, but this destiny combined with the fact Kiri temporarily wore a Mark of Acheron as a Stygian slave all but seals her doom.

Have short pants, will suffer

 Alright, so what’s with that costume?

Our chroniclers in Nemedia have been following the barbarian slave’s story closely since at least her capture and slavery on the Barachan Isles; she’s developed her present style of undress since then, although she’s never worn very much ever since she was a young girl. While always sporting a slave collar and bracelets, it’s the Nemedian breeches that have become her trademark garb. It’s fair to say she’s even famous for them by now.
Commanded to strip by her Stygian captors
The barbarian slave requires very little urging to get out of her clothing
"Kiri's garments encumber her, Masters. She begs to be rid of them."
Normally they’re the garb of warrior-mages who serve the demon Xotli in the southern kingdoms and far east, but are worn under ritual robes as an undergarment. In the sultry and sweltering Barachan Isles they were worn publicly as something of a favorite for female rogues and pirates for comfort and ease of movement, and it’s there that Kiri got her first pair, allegedly stripped from the corpse of a fallen Acheron slave. Since then she’s gone well out her way to make them barbarian slave-girl fashion, and the tight, skimpy breeches are seen now and then in Tarantia, and even farther south in cities like Khemi and Ardashir, but of course that’s often an invitation for trouble.

The Vanir halter is gone, revealing eager breasts and hardened teats
Stepping from the Nemedian scout's skirt, the short breeches are revealed
Such a tight-fitting and skimpy undergarment it is...

 At any rate, the collar and Nemedian pants are at the same time an impractical and functional costume for Kiri, serving as both public and dungeon wear. It would be obvious to say this is going to get her killed; in fact it has several times by now.
The collar Brythunian whore is liberated to be stripped so before her captors
Knowing what is coming next, she welcomes the use and abuse of her body that will follow
Even the most prim of the Stygian noblewomen present should have gotten that

Even in the dungeon?

Especially in the dungeon, according to some who have adventured with the barbarian slave. Facing the blades of enemies, vile creatures and deadly traps one might expect in Hyboria's worst dungeons and ruins is nothing less than a sexual thrill for her. Some have watched her climax or wet her breeches right in the middle of a combat situation.

But seriously…naked teats wherever she goes?

Remember that this Brythunian is an extreme exhibitionist, to say the least. She’s used to much colder climates, so in places like Aquilonia and much of Khitai she’s comfortable half-naked, but this is constantly a thrill for her as well. Now in southern kingdoms such as Stygia where they often dress scantily to begin with, it might seem even less of a problem, but of course to the xenophobic Stygians, an ignorant northern barbarian strutting her stuff clad only in Nemedian bottoms that fit so tightly that they only cover the upper half of her arse is an invitation for trouble, especially a sexually explicit female barbarian.

But yet she does it anyway.

Well, there’s her intense and genuine desire to be hurt and humiliated, and attacks or mockery by self-righteous Stygians would more than satisfy that fetish. It’s her sense of nakedness and helplessness that does it for her. And of course a skinny and ignorant, underclad blonde armed with a sword isn’t likely to be taken very seriously in most lands. Then there’s the probability of arrest and punishment by Setite priests and their guards, but of course it’s common knowledge Kiri’s been brutally tortured at the hands of Stygians more than once.

Your chronicles aren’t really that generous on the matter of her intelligence, is she really that ignorant?

Well, she’s been the manner of slave that’s largely looked at by men (and women) as a piece of meat and little else. Either expendable labor when she was a girl, or as something to be used and abused as a grown slave. Not at all like slaves and concubines in Khitai who are highly educated and cultured. Even without this upbringing in the collar, Kiri has a barbarian heritage; this has resulted in a very uneducated female with very poor reading and writing skills. But overall she’s not very intelligent at all, but does possess a streetwise and wilderness cunning that’s helped her.

Still, it seems we’re talking about someone who might be easily taken.

In many senses yes. Kiri will earn respectable coin in the arena, but is well known for prostituting herself in cities like Tarantia and Khemi. She’s well known in those places for having no limits with anyone…or anything.

I...see. Thank you very much for your time, chronicler. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kiri, whose misadventures, exploitations and many defeats are the stuff of sordid legend in Hyboria.

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Stepping into Nemedian hot-pants and off into the Hyborian countryside…

This, the inaugural update for Nemedian Hot-Pants Across Hyboria, a blog for Kiri, fated and condemned Brythunian-Æsir barbarian slave. A chronicle of her misadventures and exploitations, and an insight to she who is Victim of the Prophecy.

While the images herein contain screenshots of Age of Conan: Unchained, property of game developer Funcom, Kiri and related character concepts presented here are protected original work of PhanPhoe Creations©.

Nemedian Hot-Pants Across Hyboria is an adults-only blog and chronicle of original characters in the liberal sex and violence endemic to Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age. Contained herein is sexuality and violence, cosmic horror in the vein of Howard and other sci-fi and pulp fiction writers including H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth and John Norman, BD/SM and cheesecake themes.