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Sordid Tales in Stygia (Part I)

Tesso: Meeting her contact in the village amid the Wild Lands

Tesso. On the surface it was noteworthy as one of the few villages that survived in the countryside known as the Wild Lands of Zelata, particularly because it held fast as a stronghold against the dark beasts that roamed the lands, sometimes even right up against the palisade defending the village.

There had been no shortage of adventurers and sellswords that came out to the region to bolster the Aquilonian garrison guarding Tesso, and soldiers and warriors meant food, weapons and supplies. That meant commerce and the merchants that kept the flow of goods going. It included other business people and opportunists, and work was not scarce for those willing to take care of the dark beast infestation, or the looming Nemedian threat further east and over the peaks of the Border Range.

So, this Aquilonian barbarian needs her to play messenger in Kheshatta

Kiri found no shortage of Nemedian female warriors who had become her nemesis, willing to chop and mutilate her breasts and genitals in the heat of combat or as her captors. Therefore, Kiri was to be found regularly in the Border Range, in her standard getup of an iron slave collar and a pair of skimpy briefs. The dark beasts were another surefire way to suffer the Wild Land’s savagery; once Kiri had been taken by one of the beasts- on all fours with her face and breasts pressed into the muddy road near Kerkyra with the massive, barbed cock of a dark beast thrust painfully up her ass, unable to contain all the come it was pumping up her rectum.

Back in Tarantia, Kiri must find passage south to Stygia
Weakened and laying in a pool of her own blood and the beast’s seed afterward, it was a Nemedian scout that found her. Forcibly she pulled Kiri’s head back via a handful of her blonde locks, sliding a sharpened blade against the tender flesh just above Kiri’s slave collar, proceeding to cut the Brythunian’s throat…slowly….terrifyingly. It was anything but an easy death; the female scout made sure she went slowly and with tremendous panic and helplessness. It was the next death she’d enjoyed in the region after finding herself in The Maze; doubled over on her back with the blade-like ovipositor of a gargantuan spider thrusting up her cunt and into her womb, releasing a cold, gelatinous egg mass into her.

To a ship bound for Khemi, she agrees to take a bench and row under the whip.

Now, Hyboria’s savagery was calling its bittersweet siren song once more to her. The Golden Boar was Tesso’s well known tavern, and a meeting ground and rallying point for nearly everyone that went through the village. It was a random meeting with a fellow blonde, female barbarian and sellsword that got her on the road back to Tarantia and then south by ship to Stygia. Get a message through to a contact in the wastelands outside of Kheshatta- simple enough except that those lands were filled with roving bands of hyenas, bandits and other dangers. Clearly, there was a lot ways an underclad female barbarian could get herself into real peril.

Arriving on Akhet Isle at the mouth of the mighty River Styx

The common paths were mostly clear and uneventful through the Purple Lotus Swamp; a major trade route on the borders of Darfar. The gate and mountain pass beyond lead to the fringes of the wastes, the spires of Kheshatta cutting the distant horizon far ahead like black daggers.

Braving the oppressive Stygian lands in her underclothing

The ride long through desert and the Purple Lotus Swamp, she arrives in the wastelands of Kheshatta
What trees remain here will soon give way to baked waste of rock spires and burning sands

Far enough...this is a good place to prepare for the overland journey.

The camel won't be needed now, Kiri will be traveling lightly
Dismounting the camel she rode in on, Kiri opened a travel pack and produced a short robe and hooded tunic that would keep her from burning under the merciless Stygian sun, but also not be anywhere as conspicuous as crossing the wastes clad only in her skimpy briefs. On her left hip she secured a sword.

Donning light robes to keep the merciless sun off her

Underneath the desert garb, she has very little to wear. It will have to do

Setting off into the ruddy badlands

The wastelands are rugged and unforgiving

Moving closer to the outskirts of Kheshatta

Things are going to get really rough here if she can't keep her clothing on...

Closely examining the road ahead

Debating the best way to proceed

Finally...a good shortcut to the outer settlements

Across the sands and through the outskirts of settlements, most of which were occupied by bandits, she made her way even further south. All this time the central spire of Kheshatta lorded over the lands, flaring with purple lightning and energies by the hand of the Black Ring of mages. Terribly dangerous but fortunately her business here would take her nowhere near Kheshatta’s obsidian walls. Having started out late in the afternoon and traveling some time, she finally stopped to rest of the night, finding a shadowed corner in an old settlement on the far outskirts of the mage city to camp and sleep.

The largely abandoned outskirts of Kheshatta

Carefully surveying the streets and alleys

Finding a secluded corner out of Kheshatta's watch towers

What clothing she did bring was nearly wasted effort to even carry, for she was bereft of it soon enough by late next morning. She had spotted the first of a small hyena pack too late. Fortunately for her, they were on the prowl and spread out, so that only one reached her at a time. Spotting one near a rock formation ahead, she missed the second that came from behind, jaws seizing the hem of her robe and tearing it open. Ditching what remained of the garment, she was left with the hooded tunic and her now-exposed briefs. In another moment she had slashed and cut the hyena down, pausing for a moment to adjust her short pants and move to avoid the main pack.

By morning, an ambush hyenas leaves the short robe torn and useless

There would be no inconspicuous travel now, her skimpy briefs have been exposed!

She is able to take down the first ambusher
Tensing as a second hyena charges!

That was only the beginning, for the second hyena had come from the front but its charge and lunge had thrown her back, her rubber briefs sliding loudly on the rocky sand as her sword clattered out of her reach. Kicking frantically, she was able to fend the beast off, but its slashing teeth caught at the straps of her boots, ripping both away.

Knocked down, her hooded tunic is the next to be torn away

Kicking the beast away frantically, her boots are pulled off now

An escape attempt leaves her face-down

Snapping fangs catch the strap of her brassiere, stripping it away-

Pushing off and twisting to regain her feet, Kiri was knocked flat on her chest as her tunic was shredded, leaving her with no outer clothing. Momentarily left with the shredded rag of tunic in its jaws and shaking it aggressively, it gave her time to reclaim her blade. Now underclad in her collar and briefs she whirled nimbly, slashing the hyena and putting it down, but not before suffering the agony of its fangs piercing the crotch of her short pants. Her blood sprayed on the sands, soon mixing with the cleaving head wound she dealt the hyena.

At last...stripped down as a barbarian slave-girl, in her iron collar and tight rubber pants!

Moving to take her second attacker

Ferocious combat under the baleful eye of the desert sun

She won't win this fight without at least one good, savage bite to the crotch of her briefs-

With leagues to go in the desert barefoot, those rubber bottoms are hot and sticky, but make great running pants

The way ahead is not entirely clear, what's a barbarian slave-girl to do?

Treading carefully in the rocky pass

There would be no refuge now on the road ahead, discarding her damaged protective bracers, she was left with metal bracelets and the rest of her slave garb. Through rocky ravines and over cliff sides she went, passing over a rise to come in view of sprawling settlement of towering desert dwellings, crawling bandits.

Somehow she would have to get past it…

Peril reveals itself...somehow this half-naked fighting slave must get around this desert bandit settlement!

(to be continued)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Pair of Briefs Full of Muck (part I)

Departing from Tesso

In Stygia, the sand got everywhere. In the murky wetlands of the north, the muck could just as easily get everywhere. The ground being the undulating mess of fetid water pools broken by mossy tracts of sticky mud, it was pretty much inevitable that she was going to take a bad step and plunge into the ooze. When she finally did, she had the quickness of balance to go down on her ass and not face-first, but it left her with a pair of rubber pants veritably filled with clammy, sucking slime. Watertight that they were, the fit wasn't perfect, pooling her cunt in the cold mud.

Every handful of the goo was seemingly alive, and she’d come up with leeches on her thighs and calves, pestered by biting and stinging insects. Worst of all though were the worms; pallid and bloated maggots of abnormally huge size, some as long and thick as her little finger, that were squirming and slithering in her short pants after the bottoms had been dunked in the ooze. She had picked some out but wouldn’t be able to ever get them all out, nor did she really care to bother trying.

Crossing the Wild Lands, sword ready with Acheronian ruins on the horizon ahead

The backside of the briefs loaded with the clinging slime, her genitals were squirming and wriggling with worms. Disgusting as that might sound, the grubs were well-lubricated, sliding with a peristaltic motion that kept her massively aroused. Many would question how something so utterly nauseating and terrible could feel so good, but the collared barbarian blonde knew Hyboria was rife with such sickening, dark pleasures.

The entrance to the marshland gullies called The Maze

Of course she knew that; such perversions were the very reason that now found her in the midst of these hideously dangerous muck-filled gullies stripped down to nothing but a heavy iron slave collar and a pair of tight, rubber pants squirming with fat worms. Feeling the worm-mass shift deeper, she realized they were slithering up her cunt and asshole now. Already wrapped around her hardened clit, she was inexorably forced toward a obscenely wet climax. She had definitely found her pleasure in here already- now she just had to find her pain…it was in her somewhere.

Hints of webbing line the walls...

A festering, dark scar through the Aquilonian Wild-Lands, result of an ancient local cataclysm that deluged the place in a massive flood…so said the local legends and even the tales back in Tarantia. Over the lands the water had surged through the sprawling ruins of ancient Acheron, churning out black between blasphemous spires and stones, and washing into the low parts of the countryside: The boggy mess now known as The Maze, and the promise of a few gold coins by the locals back in Tesso had perked her interest in the mission; the threats of the horrific, bestial violence that might be inflicted on her half-naked body had convinced her she had to come.

Carefully she proceeds, the ground treacherous

Less than a ten-day ago she’d met her death up in the Border Range, at the hands of a female Nemedian warrior she’d encountered. They’d traded blows, but she’d let her guard down. The snug leather breastplate her antagonist had equipped barely kept her well developed breasts from spilling out. The extremely short tasset the female fighter was wearing had Kiri focused on the leanness of her toned thighs, the way the garment barely covered the breechcloth she wore underneath. It was more than enough distraction for her opponent to drive the pommel of her sword between Kiri’s legs, mashing her clit against her public bone. Stunned and staggered with her legs apart and precariously balanced on weak knees, it gave the Nemedian time to seize a nearby bladed pike, and shove the point squarely into her genitals.

The first solid hint of the giant spiders that lie ahead

The thrust had been fierce; the point of the weapon had speared clean through her crotch, coming out between her buttocks and through the backside of her briefs. A shockingly appalling mass of blood spurted and gushed onto the rocks and paving stones of the roadway. Stunned, Kiri recalled looking down dumbly at the shaft skewering her hips just before the horrifying pain ripped through them. Gasping as she spit blood up over her bottom lip, the blonde barbarian couldn’t even scream, so bad was the pain, collapsing to her knees, then falling on her back.

The Nemedian warrioress firmly seized the shaft of her pike and drove the point into the ground, pinning Kiri’s hips to the earth. A second female warrior appeared to enjoy the spectacle; producing a jagged, rusty blade she sawed off Kiri’s teats, the severed glands flopping wetly into the grass as she tossed them aside, the women stepped back to admire their handiwork.

The blood loss was horrific, and even though her hardened pain threshold kept her fainting outright, it was the pool of blood spreading beneath her as it furiously pumped out between her thighs and ran down her chest in twin rivers that soon did the job, and Kiri slipped into blackness- the jeering faces of her killers the last thing she saw, but for a short time after she still heard their laughter…echoing quietly into the blackness.

The shadows deepen as the craggy stone walls rise taller

She awoke with a ragged gasp that heaved her bony ribcage and filled her starved lungs like flaccid, emptied water skins. Her body, though scarred and crusted in dried blood, was in one piece- same as it always was, at least a hundred times before. She really didn’t know the exact number; she’d long since lost count, but that was what it meant to be The Victim of The Prophecy. Her destiny ensured Hyboria would get far more than a pound of her flesh…Hyboria was a primal place, shaped by sex and violence, and there were many, many fiendish methods of sexual violence she could face torture and death by.

It was all prologue for her final destiny, almost practice for the horrors to come, but she was bound by it. As told her by the thief Keaira, as flotsam on the sea of fate, she didn’t get to make choices. Kiri was long at the point where she wouldn’t make another choice if she could.

Back in Tesso she’d gained another contact in recent weeks, that involved a messenger to the wastelands near the Stygian city of Kheshatta, but while she was in Aquilonia still, there was questing here.

Only a few gaps can be seen through the massive web curtain

More webs threaten the path ahead...

Armed with one blade, she is clad only in her her slave collar and tight briefs

The mud and stinking ponds soon led to thick curtains of webbing, clearly from the massive spiders. The water deepened as she passed the first of the enormous webs that covered nearly the entire width of the rough gully. Beyond the water deepened, until the pools were nearly up to her crotch. The surface was viscous, almost oily, loaded with floating rot that made the water sickly green close to the surface and nearly black further below. The place smelled terrible, enough so that she knew she couldn’t possibly make it any worse, with nature pressing at her swollen bladder. Parting her legs a bit, she pissed straight into her briefs, producing dark runnels of amber tinted with liquefied muck that dribbled nosily into the bog.

Clearly the danger is growing

The clammy water pools deepen on the path

Even the shadows seem to twitch here, death and pain are close

The gullies widen and divide, the abode of dangerous, carnivorous plants

Her pantied ass is ready for the pain and horrors to come

Here and there the webbing appeared, growing more frequent, and soon she saw the spindly but huge carapaces of the spiders that wove them, lurking in the shadows. The bloated worms were still surging and pulsating within her cunt and rectum, releasing streams of clammy slime that dripped from her sodden briefs and plopped into the water, keeping her breath at quick, shallow and audible gasps, forcing her onto a sharp edge of terror and arousal as she went deeper into the dark maze, until she spied the huge, dangling egg sack…

The mists press in along with the muck

Ahead, the terrible shape of a colossal egg pod...