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Profile- Shawana of Punt

Shawana of Punt

Shawana was born and trained a female warrior in Punt, one of the Black Kingdoms of the far south, and upriver of Stygia on the Styx. Athletic and agile, she was quick with a sword and her wits, but not quite fast enough to avoid an ambush of Stygian slavers while hunting on the veldt in northern Punt. Having been able to kill three of her attackers, she proved outnumbered and was chased cross-country, too far from her tribe for help. Eventually run down, Shawana was beaten, whipped and throttled by the slavers, who then savagely raped and collared her.

Stipped to a breechcloth and leashed, she was marched to the Styx and forced to a rower’s bench on a trireme, which sailed down river to Khemi, where she was officially processed as a slave on Akhet Isle and trained.

Kept for a time as a noble house servant and a sex slave, her masters recognized her aptitude was such to hazard indoctrinating her into the arcane arts in service of Set. At first, Shawana detested this as an evil religion, but the power she was able to wield came with the realization she could eventually turn it on her captors. Her physical prowess was matched and eventually outpaced by the arcane power she could call, and this eventually earned her the status as a house guard.

When Shawana got her chance, the black warrioress made good her escape and headed back upriver toward Khopshef Province, where she sought out the cult of Derketo. While the Setite priesthood firmly ruled Stygia, Derketo’s faithful were still a power to be reckoned with, standing firm against Set’s minions. Entering the Great Pyramid at Khopshef, she entered service as temple prostitute in one of the few places that would keep her protected from Set’s priests. Gaining power until she was ready to risk crossing the desert once more, she returned in disguise to Akhet and booked passage to the colder northern kingdoms.

Shawana’s actions have earned her a death mark by Set’s priesthood, but her power has increased sufficiently that she has handled those Stygian agents sent against her. Her tendency to go about outlandishly dressed in very little clothing and with bright jewelry and cosmetics as an entertainer and courtesan has allowed her to hide even in plain sight in Stygia.

Encountering terrible suffering in Hyboria

Traveling northern lands
Invoking Set's arcane might in the frigid northern wastes
Shawana, Slave of Set

Beautiful warrioress of the far south
Shawana, female black warrior of Punt

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