Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stripped in Stygia- A firsthand account

Whereupon Kiri is accosted by soldiery of Stygia as result of overt, lewd presentation of her body...

"So, we know you've been whoring yourself in the Souk, you barbarian cunt! Admit it!"

"B-but Mistress..Kiri has nothing to hide!" "Then prove it, and strip to your undergarments at once!"

"Strip here in the streets, Mistress?" "You heard me you gold-haired cunt!"

“Will you strip now, as commanded, or shall I order my men to tear your clothing from your body?”

“Oh! Kiri shall strip before all-powerful Mistress. She will do this eagerly!”

"I swear you're enjoying this, my pretty...that's a good slave, just like an inferior northerner. Haha!"

"That's good, barbarian whore. You obey well! Now the halter."

“Little Kiri knows her place, Mistress. She must obey those stronger than her, especially mighty Stygians…”

"Oh my, that's a nice set of teats. They'll take well to the torturer's hooks and hot irons!"
"Alright...pull down that skirt!"

"What indecent garb you parade about in the Holy City in would dare? What else could these be but barbarian slave and whore's clothing? You'll be put to torture immediately for this!"
 "Nemedian undergarments, how barbaric...So you enjoy wearing them? Get used to wearing them and only them, slave! You'll be run through the Souk before whips, thusly clad, all the way to the palace torture chamber!"
“Little Kiri thanks Mistress! It’s a privilege for her to suffer at the hands of Stygians, clad only in her favorite bottoms.”
" want to be tortured, do you barbarian slut?"
"Yes Mistress, Kiri begs to be tortured...she prays her suffering shall be worthy even of almighty Set!"
“Filth! You present like a baboon in heat…but how refreshing to have a slave go so willingly to the torture rack. So shall it be! I shall enjoy your helpless screams.”

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