Friday, December 9, 2011

The Misadventures and Exploitations of Kiri

Wherein Nemedian chroniclers have recorded the Brythunian-Æsir barbarian she-slave known as Kiri in many corners of Hyboria.

Bravely facing the fangs of Cimmeria's beasts and winter in her slave's garb

Risking charges of whoring herself in the Souk on Akhet Isle

Stopped by guards at Bubshur who insist on a full strip-search; a cheap thrill for this barbarian slave!

Endless tracts of sand on the way to Khitai

Stealing about inside Tarantia

Barbarian she-slave of the north

Kiri would frequently spur her mount to greater efforts with secluded barnyard trysts...

Stalking underclad the desert badlands of Turan

Come on in, the water's fine here

Fording waterways in deep Cimmera

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