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An Urgent Mission in the Noble's Quarter

[Warning: Flagrant sordidness and extreme sexual violence]

The Golden Boar in Tesso. Her contact Bellonda was there at the usual time; once every seven days unless otherwise noted. Kiri’s propensity at finding undue amounts of trouble had the woman scrambling to find an assignment where she could actually use her; the fact that the collared Brythunian covered many leagues of Hyborian wilderness clad in little more than skimpy briefs had a great deal to do with it, but perhaps the obvious had yet to sink in. That Kiri relished in the danger these missions presented her…little doubt at all that most had ended up as disastrous as they did…yet, somehow Kiri was returning and able to report success. Perhaps it was the ends they needed to be concerned with and not the means.


Mingling with the evening crowd at the Golden Boar again

So what if the last assignment proved that Kiri successfully mated with a giant spider in the Wild Lands, and ‘Bell really didn’t want to think too hard about the difficulties and details of a hardened and serrated ovipositor as long as her forearm entering a woman’s vagina, much less forcing in clammy, glutinous egg mass into her womb-

She’d paled a shade or two whiter just considering the pain that such an impalement would cause, but then Kiri was the kind of girl who had made it through the gauntlet of the pirate isle of Tortage with a spear shoved up her ass by the Red Hand. Suffice that somehow, Kiri had once again delivered.


The last ignoble success, but still a job done

Back to Tarantia for this one!

Now, this time the mission called for a return to Tarantia itself, namely the Noble’s District. There was the matter of getting a hefty tax payment through to the crown; the chief problem was getting past the embattled regions of the city encamped by infiltrating Nemedians and mercenary troops.

Taxes meant for the crown in Tarantia had to get through

Riding out at dawn

Most of Tarantia, the alleged center of western civilization in Hyboria was a seedy, disreputable place. In the old city, the slums or the noble’s areas she could just as easily walk a street or two and make a few silvers for an evening. In the lower parts of town, it a simple matter of getting a huge and eager warg cock in her, in one hole or another. Thick and red and knotted with veins, often covered with sores that dripped pus, she slurped and sucked eagerly at them all, relishing in the feel of the hot stream of come that surged down her throat until she gagged and choked.

Back in the largest city of the dreaming west

Gulping it all down, lapping up all that spilt on the ground, it was a distasteful if not practical source of nourishment and sustenance for the scantily clad barbarian bitch, who partook in this particular meal often. Despite the fact that those lupine cocks cramming her cunt like impaling logs were often rife with disease and infection…but to a slave of destiny ordained by dark gods that had suffered hideous torture and death a hundred times over, what was a communicable disease or two?

The bridge linking the Old City and Noble's District

The long road up is wide and open, but still under guard of the king's men

Reaching a narrower choke point near the first bridge

Sending her horse off to friendly ground, it would be footwork from here

In the Tarantia Commons, the rape gangs were a constant threat, and she’d been raped and then strangled on more than one occasion, and those were the most squalid of Aquilonian streets. In the Noble’s District, at least the streets were relatively clean, other than the occasional pile of horse dung, so one might find her there barefoot, much to the scoff of noblewomen looking down their noses at her. The men didn’t really seem to notice her barefooted state as much as her bared breasts dangling above the skimpy briefs that were often her only garb. Tits, as she was sometimes called by more capable female adventurers, with a combination of affection and patronizing, and the fact that she’d had her butt complimented for the fit of those tight briefs, which only heightened the barbarian slave’s excitement at dressing like that.

Clad in the skimpy briefs and armed with a blade; standard getup for our collared Brythunian
Up the stairs to the embattled region...
If one thing's for sure, that tight, panty-clad butt is heading for a serious whipping...

Clad like a barbarian she-slave, ready for action

This surely looks like a fine place to get a sword shoved up her ass

The Nemedian encampments were dense enough for Kiri to consider trying an alternative route, crossing a bridge still held by the city guard, then through the mausoleum. Of course Kiri had heard the tales, but the restless dead only shambled and cavorted through such tainted grounds during the dark of night, and it was still some hours to sundown as the collared Brythunian entered the ancient burial grounds.

On the edge of the Nemedian encampments

Entering the mausoleum complex

The way appears to be clear!

Taking the final steps to the entry

Less than corporeal things ARE skulking about here

Nearing the far edge of the burial grounds

In the shadow of the last mausoleum, checking if the coast is clear

She had slipped through the graveyard easily enough, somehow escaping the spirit’s strong sense of her life force and her rich blood, climbed over the high wall surrounding the place, stealing to rooftops and crossing under the support arch of a bridge to reach the western portions of the district.

Up a thick carpet of ivy, to the top of the high wall

Leaving the besieged regions at her back

Now to the rooftops

Seeing what lies beyond
From here, she spies a bridge she can slip into the far side of the Noble's District with

Moving along a fortified wall

After many turns in the streets and alleys she find a villa complex.
Wait...didn't 'Bell mention something about villas??

After a time, Kiri realized she did have a tail; some of the undead that trailed behind on her scent. Having taken the mother of all wrong turns, she came to a steeping blood pit, grounds to some fall Acheronian sorcery that plagued the underground of that city. Morbidly fascinated, drawn by the urge to see her own blood spilt, she lingered had too long. Too late she realized even more restless dead ambled here-

A familiar coppery tang fills her nostrils, she tastes it on her tongue

An entire pool of blood!

She is hopeful; she may able to get herself sacrificed here after the mission is done

Realizing she is not alone

Something is coming from behind her

Oh gods! The undead descend upon her!

From all directions they came at her as she fled from the edge of the blood pool, feeling their desiccated, jagged fingers, nails almost claw-like, dragging and slashing at her body. The intent of the ambling undead was particularly single-minded, despite the appearance of the desiccated automatons. The first swipe of a jagged wooden club went for her gut, landing with a graze just above the waistband of her tight briefs; she heard a rib crack under the blow as it forced the air from her lungs. The advancing corpse to her right wielded a heavy stone hammer, and appeared to be more on target- with every intention of smashing her genitals to a pulp.

The first blow lands above the waistband of her rubber pants, cracking a rib

Her pain and helplessness are absolute

The blows rain down on her skinny, half-naked body

Her pain and terror mounting, Kiri weakens

Clubs and hammers bashed at her, the next solid hit landing low until Kiri realized the intended target- having landed in the front of her briefs, just above the crotch of the skimpy pants. helpless! Fighting the undead horde in her underwear!

The creatures take aim at her exposed naughty bits, crushing and splattering

A double blow finished her: A second blow swung levelly across her crest, crushing and mutilating her bared breasts in a cloud of spurting blood. Finally slipping and low with its momentum carried on a loping step forward, one of them found their ultimate target. The abomination swung levelly and powerfully, right for her hips. The heavy club sported knots of wood sharpened to a considerable point.

A vicious hammer blow to the backside of her briefs

The head of this ghastly weapon was slammed squarely into the crotch of her briefs, striking her genitals with hideous force. Had a water skin or untreated sheep’s bladder been filled with blood and struck violently, the effect would not have been more grisly or more bloody. The Brythunian’s genitals were nearly instantly pulped, erupting in thick spurts of blood that carried with them finely mashed bits of her smashed cunt. The conglomeration landed wetly and with an obscene sound as it spattered on the ground and surrounding stonework.

Blood spurts sickeningly as one club mutilates her bared breasts, while the second smashes her genitals to pulp!

At last she collapses helplessly, her genitals are butchered and sodomized with their weapons

The underclad Brythunian collapsed quivering in pain, slipping in a pool of her own blood, slipping into darkness-

~Chronicler Olinda of Nemedia

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