Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Short Pants Anti-heroine

Nice cover, front and back, same with the short pants

I came across this interesting little live hentai video, titled Short Pants Heroine: New Rangers. Pretty much self-explanatory, but the story director appends that with the following-

"The film is about a heroine in short pants, so naturally I decided she would not take off her short pants throughout the film. Please enjoy the action heroine-in-peril and rape scenes of Miss Shizuka Kanno wearing short pants. She is great as a cool and brave fighting heroine. The way her short pants dig into her gorgeous lower body is very erotic."


Publicly running through the city streets in her trademark short pants, much as our Hyborian she-slave

Those pants are TIGHT, putting even Kiri's pair to shame

The similarity to Kiri got me to check the still photos and trailer. Kiri could certainly be titled the Short Pants Anti-heroine, similar to our featured hapless Asian heroine here, her virtual trademark are her short pants. If she doesn’t start just wearing them before a dangerous situation, she’ll have just short pants left, once destiny is having its way with her once more.

Ah yes…the inevitable trouble with over-zealous minions of...something

A few nice kicks to fend off the first wave, what better way to show off those short pants?

Likewise, she endures situations of extreme peril, including rape and the painful abuse the film heroine gets, taking it all in her short pants. Stressing here a heroine that appears to have at least some combat ability, but in the end proves very ineffectual, and is inexorably forced toward a situation of absolute helplessness, and prolonged, extreme humiliation and torture. At the end there appears to be a level of acceptance, if not outright surrender to her torment, which is the very essence of Kiri. A little more unconventional, as most stories of the genre eventually find the subdued heroine bereft of her panties. It was encouraging to see a similar character concept out there.

Obviously about to be subdued, our heroine is immediately in peril

These minions are the best kind; fond of low blows!

Nothing to follow up that knockdown better than a boot to the crotch of those short pants

Greedy like Kiri; she apparently knows it’s better to receive than give

As it should be, our heroine now thoroughly helpless
A fine view of those short pants…ah, here comes the compulsory villainess

Few things to better humiliate a heroine and render her panting and helpless than passionate tentacle sex

No humiliation would be complete without a good, eager tendril-sucking

Helplessly held, the obligatory thighs-spread view of the title short pants

Another low blow, this one apparently to the crotch. Take it...that's a good girl

In the tender loving care of her villainess captor; with any luck she’s a depraved sadist

"Now, let’s take a good look at those short pants. She might be concealing a weapon in them."

Rummaging around in those things- who knows what one might find

Fun with the vaguely sperm-like wand of sorcery…

More tentacles

Obvious even to her that she’s utterly beaten, our heroine gives into her helpless passion

A tentacle with a condom? Still, it doesn’t prevent our heroine from slurping a good mouthful

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