Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hyboria's Dirty Pair

Allegedly, this pair of collared harlots first colluded at the Serpent Head's Inn on Akhet Isle at Khemi. Kiri met several adventurers, among which was Utennia, a rare Cimmerian blonde and fellow barbarian. Both with a propensity to dress scandalously and to find themselves in grievous trouble. The two departed at dusk and headed upriver to Khopshef Province, having landed at Bubshur and traveling overland into the desert, stopping at the popular oasis town of Caravanserai, by all accounts headed in the direction of the Great Pyramid at Khopshef.

Details will be forthcoming as I receive them, but given what is known about the cultists that inhabit the pyramid under the mantle of the goddess Derketo, it is most likely the pair traveled there with the deliberate intent of suffering, especially given that Kiri was tortured at the temple complex prior.

~Chronicler Olinda

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