Monday, February 13, 2012

Conquered By The Worm

In an astounding display of masochistic sacrifice, Kiri and Utennia were witnessed negotiating with masters of the arena hidden in the box canyons in the desert wastes outside the port of Ardashir of Turan. The barbarian blondes actually arranged their own defeats at the gaping, toothed jaws and gullets of massive worms. In an amazingly one-sided violent display of brutality, the women proceeded to strip down to little more than breechcloths and entered the arena to face the titanic mother worm and its ravenous brood.

The situation turned almost immediately desperate, the blondes were all but helpless in the face of the squirming, slime-slick brood, claiming only a few worm broodlings before they were gruesomely pulled down and devoured, much to the wild cheers and delight of the record crowd.

The Method of Their Defeat: Arranging a humiliating beating in the Ardashir arena
Arranging their defeat, the barbarian women prepare for battle
The Hyborian Dirty Pair strip and enter horrible combat
Engaging the worm
The Spiked Maw: The battle begins
Impossible Odds: From the beginning, the brood worm is much too strong a foe
A Stunning Blow: Utennia is pushed down
Moving to Assist: Kiri tries to distract a worm broodling
Facing the Brood Worm: A more terrible foe than they could imagine
Hopelessly Surrounded: The broodling worms come from every direction
Peril From All Sides: The noose tightens on our barbarian whores
A Desperately Helpless Situation: Kiri and Utennia realize there is no hope of escape
Their Last Defense: Sharpened blades slash as naked teats dangle before hungry maws
Slashing Steel and Maws: The space between glistening teeth narrows...
Trapped Between Gullets: The barbarians promise to go down with a spectacle for the crowds
Their Defeat Is At Hand
Facing The Worms
Utennia Fallen
Kiri Wormed
Kiri Mangled
Kiri Fallen: Utennia will join her in defeat

Both barbarian blondes now rest encased in the gullets of worms, stewing in the burning digestive juices. It said to be an excruciatingly painful death, that takes many months to finish, during which the victim is fully conscious and aware of her pain and terror.

~Chronicler Olinda

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